Scetate, Carulì, ca ll'aria è doce (Wake up, Carulì, for the air is sweet) says one of the most beloved Neapolitan songs. A hymn to love that is, at the same time, a window onto the Mediterranean Sea; a perfect setting of one of the most enchanting peninsula's in the world.

Carulì was born of these charms, a prêt-à-porter beachwear brand, 100% Made in Italy, with a fresh and colourful designs.

caruli ladies swimsuit

We strongly believe in the exceptionality of Italian beauty. We would be delighted to represent our marvellous country and introduce the world to the features make it so special.

The brand was born during the unprecedented times of 2020, with the patience, determination and readiness to challenge every adversity in order to give substance to a vision. With this, we created a sweet dedication to the “Bel Paese” that wishes to share and put together, the emotions that can be inhaled throughout Italy from North to South and vice versa. In one deep breath.

caruli beach towel

Aria dolce su di te - A gentle breeze upon you.