Cristina Gavioli with this label's renowned and lengthy experience in the premium Italian fashion world, features two specialised and unique lines that interpret the varied images of the every woman. 

The predominantly exquisite and stylish refined collection in Cristina Gavioli while the designs of Olivia Hopes expresses a more youthful, trend-oriented outlook

Cristina Gavioli's dedicated mission is to enhance and stimulate all styles and fashion expression in woman who dream to look and feel their femininity with a contemporary and dynamic influence

The ultimate embodiment of seductive woman lines blended with a powerful vitality found in this one expansive brand.

Motivated by undeniable respect and great responsibility to human resources and all living rights, this collection's focus is on reliable quality and enduring styling which prove as the key factors in maintaining their illustrious presence in today's competitive market.

Cristina Gavioli's design are inspired by the richness of the past but perpetually revitalised and reinvented to empower the woman of today.