A woman has a thousand shades.

They are born from what you love and what you are: that lipstick that makes you feel irresistible, your favourite perfume before leaving home or a song that is no longer in fashion, but that will always remind you of that holiday.

All of this is Cromantica.

Because it is your shades that create your colour, and Chromatic enhances them. Thus, by encouraging femininity in all its forms, every woman can feel beautiful and confident.

Cromantica was born from a desire. Francesca Galfione’s desire, a young stylist, who had the courage to believe in her idea and tell it on silk.

Cromantica is all about colours and patterns that represent the sensuality and feminine strength. Unique and refined clothes, whose only goal is to encourage femininity in all its forms and enhance a woman's natural beauty.


Namibia, as the name suggests, is inspired by the designer's vision of the African country and the women who live there. The prints, the warm and spicy colors recall natural and uncontaminated places and landscapes such as the sunset, the desert, the oases and the starry nights, all recreated by colors such as sand, chocolate, cinnamon, earth, night blue, the white Navajo. The nuanced and delicate patterns represent movement and at the same time balance, mixing the wild allure with the practicality of the city.

Fiorisci focuses mainly on flowers, and it is the most feminine, romantic and sensual theme of Cromantica. The prints symbolise femininity, focusing on the delicacy of the petals and the charm of their life cycle. The colours pink and indigo are predominant alongside anthracite and ivory. The concept of flowering becomes a symbol of rebirth.

Decor'ami is the theme that represents the vintage side enclosed in every woman: the geometric patterns recall the interiors of some houses in the late 60s and the colours, such as tobacco, mustard, purple - the military of the early '60s and 70s.

In-naturale aims to be the most innocent and natural theme in the collection. The prints represent the altered nature - the leaves mixed with tropical trees that become modern graphic elements. This theme is dominated by fresh colors such as green, jade, ecru, flanked by more synthetic shades such as aquamarine, strawberry and lemon.

italian fashion models


All Cromantica dresses are born from a detailed study of colours, Como prints and fine fabrics with entirely Italian tailoring manufacture.

Proud of our artisan process, every detail and every irregularity makes the garment you will wear unique.

Cromantica wants to guarantee all the colours of the world, in fact our packaging is entirely biodegradable: from boxes, to paper, to adhesive tape and tags made on recycled paper and manufactured with vegetable oils.


Francesca Galfione is the mind and soul of Cromantica, a brand that embodies the fusion of the words 'chromia' and 'romantic' at its base.

Born in Savigliano, a village surrounded by Piedmontese nature, Francesca discovered her passion for fabrics and colour thanks to her grandfather's words: "Remember that pure colours do not exist in nature, shades make a flower beautiful” and her studies at the IED in Turin.

Francesca believes every woman should dress according to her moods. For this reason, her collection is divided into four macro themes (Decor'ami, Fiorisci, In-naturale, Namibia) which are surrounded by soft, fresh and wide shapes that don't alter femininity but emphasise it.