Through my collections I want to bring back the importance of tailoring, of the structure, of the unique and handmade garment.

I like to combine the classicism of the garments with precious fabrics such as silk, satin and cashmere making them current and innovative.

What I create is inspired by military clothing, revolutionized in a modern and innovative way: a mix of classicism, character and femininity.

When I create, I have clear in mind what I want to communicate and transmit, because my first goal is that a woman can feel sophisticated, unique, and at ease on every occasion.

Fashion is an art, and through METILDA I want to communicate, arouse feelings, and express my vision of beauty and femininity, offer a constant union of different cultures, through unique fabrics and processes, without ever ceasing to surprise the customer.

Constant research, listening to current needs make METILDA innovative, creative and understood by anyone.

Of fundamental importance are the details, such as the linings, buttons and embroidery, in order to offer the customer a refined and unique garment.

The packaging is made exclusively from quality fabrics, as for the interior in patterned silk, bright colours that give the jacket a pleasant surprise when opened.

METILDA garments are built with simple lines and essential cuts, structured to enhance the female body, without ever forgetting to be contemporary and fashionable.