Nana Firenze by Mazzanti Piume

Nanà Firenze is an exclusive headdress and accessory collection created by the experienced artisans of Mazzanti Piume: a family-run business born in 1935, one of the most ancient reality to conserve and hand down secrets and techniques of feather skill manufacturing. The brand Nanà Firenze is an expression of imagination and experience of the Mazzanti company.

Every Nanà Firenze creation combines tradition and innovation forming a perfect union. The continuous research and innovation in design are driven by passion, which is represented in each one of the polished and exclusive products that ooze imaginative character.

All Nana Firenze accessories are handmade and hand coloured in Italy by skilful artisans and masters of the craft. Each and every one of these precious creations is designed and lovingly crafted to represent femininity with a touch of glamour.

nana firenze by mazzanti head accessories for women