Nadia Annino and Silvana Zanette are the ones who animate So MŌS.

It is the passion for this job, the dedication and the experience, in professional and human harmony, that lead us to So MŌS home. Ours is a modern vision of Italian style which respects his heritage, a world that we love because it always inspires us new feelings.

We deeply converge towards common goals, thanks to the synthesis of our different professional activities, which have been perfectly interwoven with each other in mutual collaboration for years.

Skills and competences in shaping volumes for a garment manufacture, attention to detail and creativity constantly linked to evolving trends.

We have been operating in the fashion industry since long ago and our professional advice is at the service of the best «Made in Italy» companies. Therefore, our aim is to make women more beautiful and harmonious, in every circumstance.

Our garments lend themselves to numerous interpretations, a flexible elegance which, based on the natural style of each woman and on the choice of accessories, suits different occasions. Hence, it is a spontaneous style that communicates the renewed joy of dressing up to be beautiful… even on the outside.

Wearing a butterfly dress, equally sensual and comfortable, or an undulating skirt with its soft bias, “jumping” into a crisp petit-sac of irresistible colours, or wrapping yourself in a sablè silky long dress, or wearing in a hurry such an attractive tunic that gives you a suddenly charm… this is our intent.

We pay particular attention to the fabrics, all made in Italy and coming from the best manufacturing districts, and we use the versatility of their structures as the original point in order to redefine the shapes. The colour palette and the types of texture offer a modern touch to the collection.