28 Items to Wear this February

You might think that winter is over, but it is not even halfway through. However, in fact the days have become longer which means you can enjoy it more, whether socialising, walking, or visiting places. 

Since this month is the shortest of the year, you may not need to worry too much as it will fly by quickly. Despite that it can be the hardest month, as you may find yourself debating what to wear, especially when during the day it is 16 degrees and, as quick as the sun sets, the temperature drops to minus degrees. 

But don’t worry! We have got your back with an amazing selection of 28 items to layer up during this month and any time of the year. After all, the weather shifts so unexpectedly, that it is better to be always ready.

First Layer


Before this layer, you should wear an underlayer such as a t-shirt, a long-sleeved top, or leggings. And then add medium warm pieces such as sweaters, crew neck or turtleneck tops; combined with trousers made of wool or cotton.

Second Layer



This one is the most important coating, as it will be the one protecting you from wind and rain. You can even add two items together such as a slim fit jacket and a trench coat. Quilted and fur coats can also be a good option.

Third Layer



Last, but not least, come the scarves, ponchos, and winter hats, available in unique sizes, but different colours. They suit anyone, any occasion, any outfit, and most importantly they protect you from the cold temperature and can be easily removed when you get indoors.

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