5 Christmas Films to Inspire Your Looks

Christmas Eve is almost upon us! Everyone has decorated their homes, stocked the cupboards with luscious food, wrapped the presents and kept a festive wardrobe for the holidays. But do you still have doubts? 

We have a selection of 5 Christmas Movie Special Looks, from romantic dramas to comedies. We want to inspire you, while giving you the perfect tips of what to wear and watch in the warmth of your home.

Love Actually (2003)

Who doesn't remember the iconic moment when Mark (Andrew Lincoln) surprised Juliet (Keira Knightley) by declaring his love outside of her home on Christmas Eve with note cards? Whether or not you have an admirer, a white crop top with a pair of blue jeans seems to be a simple, yet light-hearted combination to look stunning, and Juliet proves it! Look at the signature style flow from her furry white collar and casual attire!

The Holiday (2006)

Snow time is beautiful, we’re all in agreement with that. However, did you know that in ‘The Holiday’, Cameron Diaz has revealed that she has never played a role so physical as Amanda Woods? Actions such as running, jumping, or punching a cheating ex requires a lot of energy and comfortable fabrics to perform in. Nevertheless, the white tones win, visible in a minimal turtleneck sweater and shoulder’s chain bag. Diaz leads the movie with such visible and emotional charm!

Last Holiday (2006)

The star Queen Latifah, who played the character Georgia in 'Last Holiday', demonstrates that all dreams are possible. Diagnosed with a rare brain condition, Georgia decides to make the most of her life on a luxury vacation trip to Europe. 

This scene portrays the actress making her dazzling entrance to a refined restaurant, wearing a pashmina and a long dress in red tones, as well as shiny earrings and a necklace to complement the look.

Last Christmas (2019)

With Central London as the main film set, the chemistry between Kate (Emilia Clarke) and Tom (Henry Golding) was widely praised by audiences. Many scenes take place in iconic locations, such as Piccadilly Circus, The Strand, Regent Street, Thames Embankment, St Marylebone Parish Church, and Covent Garden. 

The brown leopard print coat prevailed during the film, whether you prefer a new or vintage fur coat that lasts a whole life or an affordable while good-quality faux fur one, it seems the perfect element to keep you warm!

Happiest Season (2020)

‘Happiest Season’ is a romantic coming-out story based on the director Clea DuVall’s real life experiences. The character Abby (played by Kristen Stewart) wants to propose to her girlfriend, Harper (actress Mackenzie Davis), however they both struggle coming out to Harper’s conservative family, who are oblivious to  their relationship.

In this scene, black and brown are a perfect match. Remember to add winter hats to your wardrobe, and choose a bomber jacket or an overcoat, depending on the occasion. Why not match the look with your significant other? Become the matching pair whose looks and compassion glistens as brightly as Abby and Harper’s does!

The list of films to watch this season is endless! But, for now, enjoy our selection. We hope the looks have given you a more crystallised idea of what you're going to wear. Lastly, we wish you and your dear ones a great Christmas Holiday!


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