An Italian Love Story

The Driving Force Behind the Italian Secrets.

Love for Life, Love for Fashion, Love for Each Other.

It all started 5 years ago, on July 17th 2016 to be precise (I remember that date well)! It was an amazing hot and sunny day in London and I was invited to a friend’s BBQ. Only after I finished my studies for an important upcoming exam for my Postgraduate course, of course! The invitation stated 2pm and I only rang on the door at 8pm, to be honest was not even sure if I’ll make it but eventually did go as it was on the way to my home.



After a long day of serious studies in the library, the atmosphere at my friend’s house was the polar opposite- people were happy, dancing, singing and having fun. Exactly what I needed, and a drink of course, which was handed to me immediately. My friend then introduced me literally by shouting to everyone ‘’Finally the laggard is here’’ and then disappeared on the dance floor. Me the chatty person I am, started to talk with people instantaneously! One of them was, little did I know, my husband to be Maurizio. Initially I thought ‘’What a nice guy and so well dressed’ but for someone to outtalk me was unheard of and I was like ‘’OMG why does he talk that much, does he even breathe?!?’’ and managed to escape somehow. Time passed and suddenly we ended up next to each other again, when he asked my number with the excuse that they’ve all exchanged numbers and decided to go dancing Bachata and Salsa next week, so maybe I’d like to join. That was easy, I gave him my number – I love Bachata, end of the day I lived in Barcelona for quite some time.



As you might have probably guessed that was a nice trick for getting my number as there was no Bachata dancing at the end of the week with all the others…he called me the very next day with a pizza invite! To be honest I wasn’t sure as I feared the verbal galore (apparently the guy just loves the sound of his own voice) but did accept the invite in the end as the alternative was cooking for me myself and I (and despite my Italian roots, I really don’t like cooking). Now what follows you are not going to believe! He cancelled the date! I was speechless! Nevertheless, he did call the next day and asked me out for a drink in Covent Garden after work. I did accept but made sure the guy was going to get his comeuppance! Made him wait for over an hour in front of the Apple store.



Anyway, started with a drink, this drink turned into two and a proper dinner. Time flew, we had the best date ever! I was literally walking out of the tube on cloud 9 with a huge smile on my face and 3 helium balloons he stole for me from the restaurant in my hand.

It was Love at first sight…but we hadn’t realised it at my friend’s party…ok maybe I haven’t at the time. Ever since that date we are inseparable- probably has to do with the fact I also got addicted to the sound of his voice lol!

Fast forward 5 years and a little baby we are in Love more than ever and now also in business together!



The Italian Secrets were born after our son Tommy’s birth. We were out shopping on High Street Ken as I was really craving the real shopping experience, when I was literally ready to buy everything. Unluckily or actually luckily, I couldn’t find anything I liked even a pair of socks and we sat at Joe and the Juice so I can drown my sorrows in a matcha green latte and make a game plan for where to go next in my quest for nice new clothes.



Suddenly I spotted this incredibly well-dressed couple on the table next to us and pointed them to Maurizio. The talker that he is in a flash he was already standing beside them having a full-blown conversation. We found out they were dressed with not mainstream Made in Italy brands and of course that’s why it made such an impression on me! I was missing Italian fashion, but the real one, not the super expensive, conventional brands. I was craving that style, sophistication and luxury feeling of putting on a proper Made in Italy dress, made from the passionate artisans in the small towns and villages. The real craftsman of Italian fashion made with passion with the finest materials and fabrics Italy is renowned for.  That was the lightbulb moment when The Italian Secrets were born! I looked at Maurizio and he already knew what was coming I think (he knows me too well) and said ‘’I really miss Italian clothing how we know it; I miss the feeling of being properly dressed up for any occasion and I’m sure others like us do too’’ Maurizio loves to dress well too and is very style conscious so he saw the potential in my idea. Being a financier, he also saw the business opportunity, as well as we the good it can do to small businesses back home. We both share deep love for our country and would do anything in our power to support Italy’s economy and people’s businesses’. And here we are today, actively working towards finding the Italian Secrets (we talk more about that in our previous blog) uncovering the true gems and presenting their masterpieces to you on our platform!



We hope you enjoyed reading our story and thank you for stopping by!

Stay tuned for more from us, Spring/Summer collections are coming soon and am sure we can all agree we can’t wait to go out, have fun and show off some seriously cool new clothes from The Italian Secrets cherry picked Made in Italy fashion!


With all our Love,

Melissa and Maurizio