Architects & Fashion Designers: the common ground

For many years, the common ground was that there was a low level of interchangeability between professions. So, the expectation is that a psychologist would stick to the usual career for her profession based on her skills and attitudes.

While this can still be the case for some professions, it does not apply to architects and fashion designers.


Photo: William Okpo/Ullstein Bild/Getty Images

There is a strong connection between these two worlds and there have been big names who went from dressing buildings to dressing the body.

If we think carefully about the two worlds, it could be less surprising than we could expect.

Both architects and fashion designers have quite unique and extravagant approach to work on the shape of the creation, the material/fabrics used and any other elements to dominate the reality and bring to life what was in their minds. In addition, we can consider architects like artists who tend to apply their obsession over scale, shape and proportion to their personal style; while many fashion designers have leveraged on the architecture approach and mind-set to shape their creations and incorporate innovative features.

At the same time, it is worth considering that architecture requires some deep technical knowledge which people usually acquire after many years of studying and practice. This may justify why it is much more common to see architects to move to the fashion design world.      

Tom Ford, Raf Simons, Siki Im, Holly Fulton are only few of the many fashion designers who have studied architecture and/or have been personally and professionally influenced by architecture and its modus operandi.


Photo: Siki Siki Im concept store by Leong Leong

 Another important trend is related to fashion designers who have also crossed over to interior design. Pierre Yovonovitch, who used to work at Pierre Cardin, is a rising talent in Paris, while Remy Renzullo, who used to design for Wes Gordon, pursued his talents in interior decorating at the encouragement of Lauren Santo Domingo.


Photo: Hotel Marignan by Pierre Yovanovitch Architecture d'Intérieur

 At the end of the day, there could be multiple drivers behind the influence between the fashion and architecture worlds. They both focus on proportion, the use of materials, forms, colours, and the chosen pattern to make the final creation. In addition, both fashion designers and architects are obsessed more than others with innovation and experimentation. For sure, the mix of architecture and fashion mind-sets has gifted us with breath-taking creations who keep inspiring the new generations working in these artistic fields.