Blue Monday - Best Items to keep you Positive!

Blue Monday was celebrated on January 17th, and to bring you joy during the saddest time of the year we have created a great selection of products featuring this enigmatic colour: blue. A special tone that can be associated with negative feelings such as coldness, monotony, and depression, as well as positive feelings that we want to include in your style such as tranquillity, serenity, and harmony.


Add versatile pieces that say blue, without screaming blue, to your wardrobe. Some examples are the Jacquard Velvet Bomber Jacket (£528), the Fenise Blouse (£380), the Bell Bottom Denim Trousers (£140) and the overflowing style of the Turchia Dress (£900).



From fur and felt to velvet, viscose and feathers; these are the fabrics that will keep you warm while cheering you up! Choose freely between the Blue Fur Scarf (£86), the Roberto Medium Wing Fedora Hat (£206), the Jacquard Velvet Pochette (£120), and the Blue Ostrich Ring (£240).



Our footwear collection features different models. On one side you can find something more classic like the Dana Electric Blue Suede Moccasins (£151.80) and the Bow Tie Drive Loafers in Turquoise (£110), and on the other side something different like the Jacquard Velvet Friulane (£130) and our Blue Stilettos (£164).


We also have got 3 tips to keep you well during these times:

  • Take time for yourself and breathe (deeply) when you feel down
  • Keep a good diet and stay hydrated 
  • Know when to ask a friend or an expert for help (check out the Mental Health Foundation resources if you seek further advice)

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