Celebrate the National Hat Day with our New Collection

On January 15th, National Hat Day is celebrated. This is the ideal occasion to rethink the importance of this accessory, which can be used during any season, whether to protect you from the cold winds or the hot sun. Find your perfect hat in our new collection by Doria 1905 that believes in a production in continuous evolution and improvement, whose hats are no longer simple headgear, but precious accessories, the result of passion, skill, commitment, and dedication.


The beret boom started in the 19th century in France and Spain. Since then, it became an accessory worn by both women and men, either as a uniform headgear or as a fashion statement. Our collection includes berets in different colours made from felt, checkered fabric, wool, cashmere, and eco-leather.

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat was first used by Irish fishermen and farmers to protect them from the rain and the sun. Plus, they can be easily cleaned and slipped into a coat pocket. In the 1960s, it launched its ladies’ versions with the pillbox and the cloche hat. In the 1980s, rappers made it popular, and later it became a streetwear accessory that appears nowadays in catwalks.


Do you know that Caps origin goes back to the 3,200 BC? Ötzi was one of the first man found wearing a bearskin cap, similar to the Russian fur hat. Years later, it started being used as a religious, cultural, social status or revolutionary symbol. In our collection, we have different type of caps, starting from flat caps to baseball caps.

Drop Hats

The drop hats, designed for both summer and winter, are a must-have accessory for any gender. Typically American, born in the first two decades of the 1900s, the drop has reignited again thanks to the influence of films and TV series. Add this accessory to your wardrobe if you are looking for something stylish and elegant.


The fedora hat, which has a similar shape with the drop hat, took its name from the 1882 play “Fédora” by the dramatist Victorien Sardou, where the actress Sarah Bernhardt wore it, inspiring other women to follow the tendency. In the 1920s, it also became popular among men. From then, it has been used daily or in special occasions, depending on people’s preference.

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