FW21 Shopping List | Timeless and Foolproof


'How should I dress?' This is a question that creatives ask themselves all the time while planning their next-season lines, but it's never felt more pressing than it does for FW21. The truth is that fashion in 2021 has taken a new direction. Everyone is getting ready to return to work, university, the pub, and the parks... Our routines and habits are being re-adjusted and our clothing is a crucial part of this process. Whether busy or not, our attire must assist us represent who we are today — the most fearless version of ourselves.

1. Oversized bell bottom trousers

Bell bottom trousers are a great way to add a dramatic twist to your outfit. It's amazing how flattering these are on our legs! Bell bottom trousers are always a comfortable alternative for any ensemble, no matter how short or long they are. You can meet up with friends at the pub in bell bottom jeans or go to work in black bell bottom trousers. In any case, you'll look fantastic.

Check our Bell Bottom Denim Trousers and Loose-fit Wool Trousers.

2. Burgundy and knitted pieces

It's not always the piece, but the colour! Burgundy or dark carmine are the tones that go best with the autumn season. You can't go wrong with this! Knitted garments are also making a comeback in the fashion world. The folksy knit, which is crafty, cosy, and stylish, has risen to the forefront of wardrobes for FW21, owing to its mood-boosting aesthetic and snuggly feeling. Invest in high-quality, timeless pieces that you'll be able to wear throughout the Fall and Winter seasons!

Check our Mohair Blend Scarf, Ruby Winter Hat and Ruby Scarf.

3. Joyful outfits

We've seen it this Spring and Summer, but we can't seem to get rid of it just yet! This year's fashions are bold, daring, and colourful, and everyone is adoring them. Even though the winter does not promise sunny days, why not adopt a cheerful attitude? Even if they're only accessories, look for mood-enhancing items.

Check our: Leaf Motif Blouse, Magenta Cardigan and Blue Fur Scarf.

4. Trench Coat

Still on the lookout for the perfect winter coat to add to your wardrobe? Temperatures dropping and harsh weather are no excuse for slacking on your aesthetic aspirations. We recommend a timeless forever classic: The trench coat. This must-have closet staple goes with anything from elegant outfits to blue denim, ensuring maximum style endurance and making it the best investment item.


5. The Shacket

The shacket (shirt & jacket) has grown quickly in recent seasons, and its prominence as a must-have item for FW21 shows no evidence of waning. What's more, it's ideal for layering over warm knits and loose-fitting slacks as the weather turns harsher. Our Shacket was born to be worn in the autumn season. Its sunset colours and furry touch will make you feel snuggly and ready for the colder seasons.



Do you have your FW21 Shopping List ready? Let us know which items you will be investing in for this season!

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