Happy 2022! New year, new looks.

We dive into 2022. Whether you've written your New Year's resolutions or not, there's nothing better than starting a new Earth's movement around the Sun with new clothes, accessories, and shoes. However, remember to always buy consciously and sustainably! 

In this way, we have new exciting, long-lasting and eco-friendly products from our Fall collection. And, to follow the annual numerology, we have gathered them in two special looks waiting for you!


Yellow is an underrated colour to use in winter. That's why we decided to bring it to you, to wish you happiness, optimism, and energy for this new season! Plus, you can't miss the checkered fabric, a trend that is here to stay! 

Combine the 1. Straight Asymmetric Shirt (£90) with the 2. Wide Leg Half Checkered Trousers (£160). To complete the look, add a unique item that we hope will make an impact in 2022, the 3. Detachable Double Collar – Velvet (£35), and the already known 4. Jacquard Velvet Friulane (£130).


In the colour spectrum, after the yellow, comes the orange, and to give continuity to this new phase, we want to present an outfit that will provide you with even more moments of joy, creativity, and success

Wear the 1. Ribbed Velvet Crew Neck Sweater (£90) with the 2. High Waited Tube Skirt (£110). This time we have added a new version of the most-wanted piece, the 3. Detachable Double Collar – Jacquard-effect (£35), and don’t miss the opportunity to add the 4. Leather Ankle Boots – Black (£159) to your wardrobe!

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