Knitwear Selection for you or to offer this Christmas

Knitting, along with other practices such as baking or gardening, has been associated with women's domestic activities for many centuries. The idea of an elderly woman sitting in a rocking chair making socks for her grandchildren was until recently, the first assumption that people had. At the turn of this century, there was an explosion of creativity within the fashion world that changed the direction of this old craft forever, enhancing and diversifying it.


Who remembers the athlete Tom Daley who, during this year's Tokyo Olympics, knitted a wool cardigan that went viral? At that time, Daley took the opportunity not only to deconstruct the assumptions towards knitting, as well he asked to ask for donations to Brain Tumor Charity (Donate Now), in memory of his father.

Do you love Knitwear, but you feel that you don't have the time, the dedication, or the aptitude to create your own garments or pieces to offer to your dear ones? We have selected different pieces by our designers who, following the international trends, have revived this art form into something cool, contemporary, and chic.

Sweaters & Gilets

Let's start with the sweaters that have become a classic in womenswear apparel, either in their striped version as in the gentle gradients and touches, alongside the versatile vests. Our collection includes pieces such as the Mohair Blend Striped Sweater (£114), the Tricolour Sweater (£120), and the Light Grey Gilet (£102).


Cardigans, Coats & Capes

The three words start with the letter C, for no coincidence, it stands for Comfort. Cardigans provide the possibility to be used both indoors and outdoors, while jackets are mandatory outside, and capes allow an extra boost of heat. Discover our products with the Magenta Cardigan (£119), the Navy Cape with Fringes (£89), and the Wool Coat with Knitted Sleeves (£315).



Don't like dressing up all in knitting? Start by wearing small essential pieces such as bonnets, scarves, or ponchos. Manufactured in different colours, materials, and sizes, they can fit in any head or body. Check out the Alpaca Blend Winter Hat (£52), the Black Scarf (£95.70), and the Poncho with Fringes (£98).


How much joy do knitwear pieces bring to this Fall/Winter season? From sweaters, to coats, hats and scarves, knitwear is here to stay and to help you facing out the cold, as well as to elevate your daily looks.


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