London Fashion Week SS22 Trends You Need To Know

How To Combine It With An Italian Style


Colours are the way to go this year, as we've seen many times before. London Fashion Week is just one example of how you may incorporate colours into your everyday wardrobe


How can you make it more Italian? Colours have long been an important aspect of the country’s fashion aesthetic. But you can always make it more extra, though. You'll need a dramatic twist to accomplish this. Feathers, for example, can be included into your attire.

There is no better feathery accessory than our 1. Feather Headbands or one of our Ostrich Rings, both from Nana Firenze by Mazzanti Piume. Add them to a bright colourful dress like our 2. Kimono Sleeve Dress by Javì, with the 3. Green Sandals by The Italian Secrets shoe's collection.


While the colours were vibrant, the silhouettes faced a challenge: how to be both trendy and chivalrous, especially at a time when customers are down and out. As staying at home appears to be the only option, the current situation has had an impact on lifestyle, which has taken on a more tranquil and comfortable appearance.

If you want to mix the silhouettes trend with an Italian style, you must make it extravagant. Find a bold belt that accentuates your waist, use textures and patterns, or wear padded shoulders in your blazer.

We suggest wearing our 1. Delizia Dress by So MŌS. It’s such an Italian statement that will fulfil all your trendy expectations. Give it a colourful touch with our 2. Dorotea Bag by So MŌS, available in any colour. Combine it with our 3. Sparkly Mermaid Stilettos, another Italian statement – unless you’re wearing loafers.


Oversized blazers and business clothing are already a thing, and they couldn't be missed on the streets of London during Fashion Week. The effortless stylish aesthetic is very popular among fashionistas, and this style fits in wonderfully. The appeal of smart tailoring was too strong this year, and trouser suits took the top spot.

Even if you’re going to work, you can bring your Italian fashion style with you. Again, we look for drama, drama, and more drama. But... how can you add drama to a minimalist office style? Well, if you ask us, add colours, shapes, patterns, and accessories!

Our choice is our 1. Freyed Hem Hot Pink Tweed Jacket combined with our 2. Freyed Hem A-Line Tweed Mini Skirt by Cristina Gavioli. Wear it with our 3. Blouse Camille by Melania Fumiko and our 4. Satin Ribbon Stilettos. If you want to be more extra in the office, wear it with the 5. White and Pink Feather Headband by Nana Firenze by Mazzanti Piume.


And this is how you combine London Fashion Week trends with your love for Italian fashion. Let us know if you tried any of these outfits!