Make your Christmas Wish List before Black Friday ends

During this time, there are two essential wish lists to make! The one with the gifts you will offer to your family and friends, and the one with the gifts you want to receive!

Are you sick of searching for the ideal outfit? We have got your back! We have made the perfect pre-selection of thoughtful gifts that can be delivered straight to your door or to your dear ones.

Get rid of the cheesy gifts with our glamorous and exclusive looks!

1. Be like a Ruby

The most famous colour for Christmas: Red! From brighter to darker, we have long geometrical-pattern evening dresses, loose fit blouses, and flared trousers, to suede moccasins.


2. Stay Golden

Gold is the perfect colour to wear during this time! From yellow to brownish tonalities, while wearing it you become enlightened, ethereal, and wise. Add some sparkle with our velvet & silk blazers, butterfly silhouettes dresses, gradient overgarments, and glamorous moccasins. We wish you all the prosperity!


3. Shine as much as Emeralds

Since the Ancient times, Emeralds have been the symbol of hope and love! Obviously, nobody wants to match with the Christmas tree, however there are stunning ways to add a bit of gem into your wardrobe with our feather headbands, our crossover blouses, quirky bags, and lace-up high heels.


Hurry up! Black Friday is at the door to help you spend less this season. Plus, a month goes by so quickly, and sooner than you think you are unboxing your incredible gifts!


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