November Style | Refresh your Wardrobe


Do you want a new beginning before the 2021-year ends? We have three looks that were selected just for you. Ideal to have fun, to calorify, and to be a modern ice queen!

1. Get Cosy in a Wool Dress

Who said dresses are only for the Summer? After the knit dresses took over last year’s Autumn / Winter season, we offer you a new trend: starts with wool and finishes with dress.

Check out our 1. Wool Dress and matching 2. Wool Blazer by Cristina Gavioli. For the really cold days, add a 3. Blazer Scarf. Finally, to maintain the high-quality materials style, you have got the 4. Resin Black Moccasins.


2. No Sun, but you Shine

The weather seems to get worst, but don’t let your style take the same route. We have got colour, striped and checkered patterns to cheer up your daily fashionable life.
The look features our favourite shacked the 1. Wool Coat. Wear it with the 2. Mohair Blend Scarf, the 3. Tricolour Sweater and the 4. Brown Checkered Trousers. Combine it with the 5. Nadia Damina Ankle Boots in Camel by our great shoe’s designer Lepori.

3. Crystalise with glamour

Have you ever watched the film ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’? It is about to become true with what we have to offer you, starting from light sky until electric blue.

To protect the hair from the rain and wind, we recommend you the 1. Alpaca Blend Winter Hat available in six different colours, followed by the 2. Poncho with Fringes to be worn with the 3. Mohair Blend Striped Sweater. Don’t miss out the chance to add the famous 4. Bell Bottom Denim Trousers and to give a brighter touch with the 5. Dana Electric Blue Suede Moccasins.



Our last advice is, in case you are doing a closet clearance, remember to give the clothes you don’t want any more to family, friends, second-hand stores or charities.

We believe that together we can make a better world for the future generations.


The Italian Secrets Family