Portugal Fashion SS22 | What’s That You’re Wearing?

The-Italian-Secrets-Portugal-Fashion-bold-exclusive-luxury-sexy-womenswear-what-is-that-you-are-wearing-building-entranceThis week, we travel to the neighbouring southern European country: Portugal to check its first post-pandemic edition with the Spring / Summer 22 season which took place between the 12nd and the 16th of October 2021. With physical runways and online broadcasts, the motto 'WHAT'S THAT YOU'RE WEARING?' took place by making the following statement:

"We don't want to make value judgments. We don't want to talk about conjugations. Colour or fabrics. It's a provocation. Where do the clothes come from? Who did? What materials do you use? Is it one-piece or massif? Is the price right? How many hours did it take to do, to think, to question, and even to doubt if the path was really that way? What's that you're wearing? Do you know?"

The Hot Pink


Alexandra Moura, who celebrated 20 years of career, used hot pink for the first time. By associating pink with love, the designer did not miss to compile details that are part of her DNA, such as the initial rock version, the conceptual side, the romantic, the deconstruction and the sportswear. According to her, ‘I tried to merge all this into a language that I think is the right one for the moment we are living. All pieces end up having moments since 2002’.

‘How to use this colour?’ you may ask. Nothing better than the 1. Crossover Blouse and the 2. Short Wallet Skirt by JAVÌ with the 3. Magenta Cardigan by Cristina Gavioli for the colder times that have arrived, or the Fuchsia Flower Lining Jacket by METILDA for sunnier moments. In the end, add a pair of 4. Dana Pink Suede Moccasins by Lepori.


The Sweaters


In Maria Gambina's new collection, the nostalgia for the beach, namely the Praia do Furadouro, in Ovar, Portugal, was not left out. The beach, characterised by being cold and windy, was the reason why Gambina brought a series of sweaters to the collection.

Who doesn’t like to wear a sweater during the colder days? It’s not only for Summer or Winter, but also for all year!


The Sunny Gradient


Carolina Sobral stopped being a bloomer and started to present on the main catwalk. With inherent simple and elegant lines, the focus was on the comfort and functionality of her pieces, with highlight on the beige and orange tonalities, implicit in kaftans and loose blouses.

Add to your closet a bit more of joy with the 1. Sunrise Ombre Poncho with Fringes by Cristina Gavioli, the 2. Feather Headband or the 3. Orange Ostrich Ring by Nana Firenze by Mazzanti Piume. For shoes, we suggest the 4. Dana Ginger Suede Moccasins by Lepori.


The Traditional Textiles


From colours to fabrics, the maritime universe appeared in yellow, orange, white and blue tones. And from floral prints to stripes, the sailors' sweaters were referenced.

Our collection features a variety of unisex products designed by IMHO which brings the traditional Italian patterns into our contemporary times. Check the timeless bomber jacket, combine it with a signature embroidery on the back sweatshirt, and a pair of luxurious joggers. To finish, add the most playful trendy accessory: the bucket velvet hat.


Sustainable Materials


Finally, a deserved highlight is that in the multiple collections presented by Portuguese and African designers, recycled and organic materials were the centre of attention. You can read more about our environmental and social sustainability commitment here.

We look forward to exploring more international editions of SS22 fashion weeks, but for now we suggest you keep with this season collection.


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