Style etiquette – The Do’s and Don’ts for Occasion Wear

You can never be overdressed or over educated Oscar Wilde

A favourite and very relevant quote for today’s article. We decided to educate you on overdressing, which by the way we have to agree with Oscar Wilde, doesn’t exist, but inappropriately dressed definitely does! To avoid being inappropriately dressed at any occasion follow our advice and also check out our designers’ occasion wear creations. 

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Defining your own style and dressing appropriately for your body shape, colour palette and personality are essential elements if you want to feel confident and show your best self to the outside world, however, there is another vital element of style that must be adhered to and that is…dressing appropriately to the occasion.



Now that we are in the midst of what is usually the best time of the year for socialising, formal gatherings and events, we thought of giving you a little list with the essential style etiquette do’s and don’ts.  It is still unclear if all the quintessentially British social events are taking place at any point this summer but it’s better to be prepared shall they go ahead and you decide to visit any of them as they have strict dress codes.  




social season style etiquette


The Season is the name given to the annual period during the spring and summer when the best known and most quintessentially British events are held. The British Social Season has a renowned history, which evolved during the 17th and 18th century when the British elite was dominated by landowning aristocracy and gentry families. It peaked during the 19th century and up until World War I the Season was the appropriate time to be resident in the city rather than the country in order to attend the events.



In modern times, the Season still encompasses many traditional events such as Henley Regatta and Royal Ascot, but has also expanded to include a wide variety of spectacles, from motor racing to tennis to music festivals and art shows/fairs. Most of the events provide ample opportunity for women to dress up in special occasion elegant frocks and extravagant hats and men to dress in smart suits and black tie and tails.


social season etiquette


Call it old fashioned but we are firm believers that it is bad manners to not take pride in how we dress for an event. Social events, balls, charity functions, corporate events, birthday parties, race wear, the list goes on. All these events require a lot of preparation, some of them also have a rich history and tradition, therefore when attending or accepting an invitation to such an occasion it is a sign of respect, good manners and self-worth to put some effort and dress well and appropriately.



  • Always abide by the dress code on the invitation/ticket.

 If no dress code is given always ask the host/hostess or check the event’s website for details of the venue.


  • Always strive to be the best dressed at the event. This will ensure you are never under dressed for the occasion or sending a disrespectful “I don’t care” vibe with your appearance
  • Plan your outfit ahead of time. If it is an outside event , always have two options shall the weather turn for the worse on the day.
  • Being prepared and organised will make getting dressed a more pleasurable experience
  • Pay attention to detail. Ensure your look co-ordinates head to toe, makeup is impeccable, hair is well styled and there are no bad distractions to your outfit.
  • Always stay true to your style. If you would rather wear trousers or a jumpsuit to a formal event that is acceptable as long as you are dressed appropriately for the dress code. 



  • Under dress in fear of being looked at. Chances are if you are under dressed you be even more looked at… and for all the wrong reasons
  • Ever have a “near enough is good enough” attitude
  • Wear a winter jacket or cardigan over a summer dress or outfit. If warmth is required layer with outer wear that is appropriate to the season
  • Wear fur or heavy winter garments after the first day of spring or before the first day of autumn
  • Wear linen or light weight summer garments after the first day of autumn or before the first day of spring
  • Carry a large tote or handbag to a formal event, race day or formal dinning restaurant. Go for a clutch or bag that is just big enough to hold the necessities
  • Wear an outfit that you are not feeling comfortable in just because someone told you to
  • Over accessorise – less is often more! Picking the right accessories is key as they are the finishing touch to any outfit