The Italian Secrets and VIAMADEINITALY. A match made in fashion heaven!

The Italian Secrets teamed up with VIAMADEINITALY to continue bringing the Made in Italy excellence to the UK straight from the source. 

We are beyond excited to announce our recent partnership with VIAMADEINITALY - a company with a mission we truly support as it perfectly resonates with ours! VIAMADEINITALY is a B2B platform that provides global visibility to the excellence of Made in Italy. In doing so, they help Italian manufacturers promote their heritage and support small businesses. This is a dream collaboration as we thoroughly trust our partners VIAMADEINITALY when it comes to brand partnerships and the selection/matching process. We have some exciting new brands coming to The Italian Secrets soon, so stay tuned! 

A few words to introduce our new partners before we proceed with an interview with Tommaso Zanin, VIAMADEINITALY’s co-founder.


viamadeinitaly founders


Italy has always been the leading country in setting new fashion trends. No other country has such a long-enduring and widespread tradition of making beautiful handcrafted products with the utmost attention to craftsmanship. It is the goal of VIAMADEINITALY to promote the leadership of Made in Italy and provide Italian producers and artisans a global wholesale platform for their excellence.


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The Italian Secrets: When did you find out there is such demand for the real ‘’Made in Italy’’ produce when it comes to fashion? What was the inspiration behind VIAMADEINITALY?

Tommaso Zanin : The demand for "Made in Italy" products became obvious years ago when Marco Reiter, one of the co-founders of VIAMADEINITALY, started his Footwear Business in Germany back in 2010 and was looking for an Italian shoe factory to create the collection for his e-commerce.
The online search was tiring, difficult and much harder than expected, as producers didn’t have a web presence.
''Made in Italy'’ itself is a world-famous Brand, demand has always been strong and the World’s most prestigious luxury brands produce in Italy to leverage on the outstanding craftsmanship and uplift the product value by labelling it "Made in Italy".
VIAMADEINITALY is one of Italy's leading B2B Marketplaces for Fashion & Design. We help international buyers find Italian suppliers and facilitate trade in a fast and convenient way. Most of the people we work with unfortunately are still "digital ghosts", unable to position themselves online in order to get more customers nationwide and worldwide.


The Italian Secrets: How do you source the designers/brands you represent on your platform?

Tommaso Zanin : We search mostly by territorial district: we aim to reach certain geographic areas in order to benefit from word-of-mouth.
Our main targets are small and medium-sized enterprises characterized by outstanding craftsmanship and great attention to detail for their top-quality creations.
Apart from focusing on the authenticity of goods and materials used, we particularly value organizations with a green and sustainable approach.

The Italian Secrets: What qualities/values should a brand/designer have in order to be a part of your database?

Tommaso Zanin : The predominant qualities and values we look for are those I mentioned previously: enterprises (with less than 50 employees) that guarantee high-quality handcrafted products.
Private Labels or Third-Party manufacturing are always a plus.


The Italian Secrets: What does your pairing process look like? How do you know which brand/designer would be a good fit for a new supplier?

Tommaso Zanin: There are two ways. Buyer can register on our platform and freely contact the suppliers or send them directly an order request.
But we also offer a Matching Process which is followed by Serena, our Trade specialist.
When Brands/Buyers approach our platform, first of all she interviews them and understands what their needs are.
After gathering all the relevant details, she identifies the suppliers that are best suited to them.
Subsequently, she contacts the companies which are a good fit, proceeds with the initial consultation to see if they are available and the project is actually in line with their offerings.
Finally, the matching takes place and both parties begin to manage the project independently.


The Italian Secrets: Do you only wear ‘’Made in Italy’’ clothes and accessories yourself?

Tommaso Zanin: I must be honest, initially I didn't wear clothes and accessories exclusively manufactured in Italy.
Now my attention to detail and quality has shifted to items that incorporate the characteristics of "Made in Italy".
For instance, I greatly appreciate unbranded shoes totally handmade and shirts that show "eight stitches per millimetre" on the collar.


The Italian Secrets: What do you think makes the ‘’Made in Italy’’ tag so special?

Tommaso Zanin : The "Made in Italy" label has always been considered special and recognized globally as a synonym for excellence.
Italian artisans have developed unique skills and techniques over the centuries. Their knowledge and mastery experience is priceless.
No other country has such a long-lasting and widespread tradition like Italy.
We do our best to support and communicate the ‘’Made in Italy’’ tag correctly.
VIAMADEINITALY's mission is to digitize and promote the "Made in Italy" craftsmanship, as well as provide generations of Italian producers a global wholesale platform to gain visibility, increase international business opportunities and export all over the World.


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We hope you found Tomasso’s insights interesting and this blog helped You understand the process behind VIAMADEINITALY’s work and why we are so excited to have them onboard, delivering only the best true Italian fashion merchandise to the UK.

Supporting small and family-owned businesses is also at the core of our business philosophy so this really is a match made in fashion heaven!

Shhhhhhhhht…….Stay tuned for more Italian Secrets to be revealed soon!