Valentine's Day Outfits

On February 14th, Valentine's Day is celebrated. Whether you have plans or not, whether you're going out for a romantic dinner or hanging out with your friends, we have created a selection of three special looks for this occasion. The biggest advantage is that you can wear these outfits at any time of the year, as we left the heart shapes aside and focused on the importance of colours on our feelings.



There is an intrinsic relationship between flowers and feminine beauty. Depending on the type of flower, other meanings arise, an example of it are the pink roses in Greek mythology that are associated with Aphrodite, goddess of love. Combine the Camille Fiori Rossa Dress (£500) with the Oliviera Jacket (£400), the Pochette Obi Azzurro-Argento (£160) and the Blooming Flower Heels (£178).



There are pairs that were made for each other, becoming one. This is the case of the Two-Piece Suit Petalli (£660) which creates a balance between the cache-coeur-style slim bust and the flowing wave of the long skirt. To protect from the cold, add the Dark Grey Trench Coat (£316), to give a detail of colour, add the Feather Headband (£120), and to elevate you, add the White Lace Stilettos (£170).


Dusty Rose


Dusty Rose is a combination of rose, purple and grey. If you are looking for something different, but soft, this is the right choice. The Caramella Dress (£500) is a chic and fun piece as it presents glamorous curves, while being a bit quirky. To match the garment, we have the Dorotea Bag (£200), followed by the Feather Headband (£120) and the Nude Pink Flats (£158).

We wish you an amazing Valentine’s Day in the company of those you love the most!

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