What to Wear on Christmas?

Christmas only happens once a year, that is why it is so special for us. Being surrounded by the people we love the most or taking the time to remember our dearest ones is essential during this time.

We don't want you to miss this moment! Whether you spend it in a more restful way, at your family’s place, or in an abroad festive mood, we want you to enjoy every minute, while feeling beautiful, glamorous, and exceptional.

Discover the three ready-to-wear looks we have for you!

1. Cosy & Comfy Christmas

Wearing pyjamas on Christmas Day isn't your thing? However, do you want to lounge at home? We have the ideal combination for you! Wear the 1. Poncho with Fringes (£89), the 2. Tricolour Sweater (£120), and the 3. Brown Checkered Trousers (£123) by Cristina Gavioli. An alternative to your slippers is the 4. Nadia Damina Ankle Boots in Camel (£159) by Lepori.

2. The Family Glow

Being surrounded by family does not stop you from dressing exuberantly? Whether for lunch or dinner, take with you the 1. Dark Grey Trench Coat (£316), the 2. Wool Dress (£176) and the 3. Black Scarf (£95.70) by Cristina Gavioli. Combine it with the 4. Resin Black Loafers (£149) by Lepori.

3. Mesmerising Voyager

What is your destination? Roma? Paris? New York? São Paulo? Tokyo? Regardless of the temperature you will encounter, the incredible 1. Long Ninfa Dress (£660) by So MŌS is the perfect item to wear either inside a restaurant or at a party. Upgrade the look with the black monochrome 2. Feather Headband (£240) by Nana Firenze by Mazzanti Piume, and our stunning 3. Black Stiletto Sandals (£270).

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