The Italian Secrets. What we stand for!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when Italian fashion is mentioned? The shiny gold logo with the head of Versace? Armani's smooth, unstructured sewing? Prada's textured sportswear? Or maybe Jeremy Scott’s rethinking of the Moschino brand - all colorful, kitsch and surreal? No matter how your mind jumps, Italian fashion has a keen eye for color, fabric and detail - and of course, more than a touch of luxury.


italian fashion brands catwalk


At the Italian Secrets we have a different vision when Italian fashion is mentioned…far away from the mainstream, readily available fashion at high prices and not necessarily ‘’Made in Italy’’!

When we think Italian fashion, what emerges is a history of fashion that is strongly associated with national identities, encompassing Roman wealth in its shows of fashion, Florentine historical influences and craftsmanship, to the pursuit of industrialized but quality-oriented production.


italian fashion history


This is what we want to provide you with through our platform. We scout for and work with emerging Italian designers and real tailors, all masters of the craft! They all believe in and advocate for the real ‘’Made in Italy’’ which is synonymous with exceptional quality textiles, innovative design, class and sophistication.



Textiles are of fundamental importance for Italian fashion. This may sound like an obvious point - every fashion house relies on fabric. But in Italy, the range and quality of textile products have centuries-old traditions and an unsurpassed reputation. Able to meet the exact requirements of designers and produce high quality materials.



Italian fabric factories supported its success and certainly inspired the strong use of color, texture and beauty in the design of our partner labels.


high quality italian fabrics


At the Italian Secrets, apart from high quality, we highly value and cherish originality! The designers we choose to work with and represent are all true hidden gems!    

Our goal is to establish a well-known platform for true Italian fashion here in the United Kingdom, only showcasing the excellence of the real ‘’Made in Italy’’. We discover and work with unseen fashion designers, artisans, ateliers and tailors who create unique pieces that represent their true Italian selves and philosophies. The makers we choose to work with all have that fire inside and apart from wanting to gift the world with their beautiful fashion creations, they also want to make it a better place! They are honest, trustworthy and operate in an ethical and sustainable way, honouring their Italian roots and supporting their communities.