Melissa, an entrepreneur with a creative flair.

Qualified as a young Italian Architect and Interior designer, Melissa was born and raised in Italy. She moved to the United Kingdom 8 years ago.

Like all Italian women, she loves dressing up in high quality, original, and exclusive garments.

While Melissa appreciates the finer things in life from all around the world, her preference is always the Made in Italy (what a surprise!). She is truly in love with Italy and everything made the Italian way. However, Melissa quickly realised that it was incredibly difficult to find the finest Made in Italy garments at a fair price in the UK.

Any Italian fashion lover would agree that finding exquisite pieces and unique details is a MUST. Therefore, with her outstanding trend forecasting and detail-oriented skills, Melissa has become a key leader in our family.

Melissa’s main concern was: why can’t we have a platform from where any fashion lover can buy graceful, elegant and unique garments exclusively made in Italy?

This is how the idea of The Italian Secrets came to light.


Maurizio, a specialist with numbers.

Maurizio was born in Italy and moved to the UK 8 years ago. He has had a long career in Banking between London, Milan and New York.

When Melissa introduced Maurizio to The Italian Secrets project, he immediately jumped onboard. His main focus was the research of the hidden gems: our Italian designers. Maurizio helps them achieve the spotlight in the market.



Aura, a vision for aesthetics.

Aura was born in Porto, Portugal, and moved to London, UK, three years ago. Her background in Visual & Graphic Arts is a key-point for The Italian Secrets Marketing team, by designing online content in a creative and unique way.


Oana, graphic design and digital art.

Oana moved to London from Romania in 2016 to pursue a creative career. Her background in Animation and Illustration and general technical skills are now being used to create and maintain the aesthetics of The Italian Secrets brand.


Last but never least: Our designers

We saved the best for the end: the core of the business. Our designers are truly independent Italian designers focused on craftsmanship and high-quality manufacturing. The Italian Secret always looks for uniqueness, exclusivity and an absolute commitment to the highest quality of the real made-in-Italy. 

Do you want to know more? Check all of our designers.